Social entrepreneurs pivoting, testing and adapting in the Pacific Islands

Social entrepreneurs pivoting, testing and adapting in the Pacific Islands

Kahuto Pacific Social Entreprenuer

Last year, Kahuto was fortunate to be apart of the SFI Resilience Program to assist social entrepreneurs in adapting to the new environment after the first wave of the CoVID 19 outbreak in Fiji.

This presented us the opportunity to re-evaluate ourselves, our services and our business. It allowed us to identify areas in our business we wanted to focus on, strengthen and also enabled us to pivot our services to allow Kahuto to survive during these uncertain and difficult times.

Almost a year on now and we are facing the second wave of CoVID 19. Although times are still tough we feel we positioned ourselves better due to the SFI Resilience Support Program. We were able to pivot from our core service of aerial surveying to providing 3D Virtual Tours. Given the restrictions and protocols that are enforced here in Fiji, were glad that we are now able to offer a solution through our virtual tours.

We were also able to work with some creative geniuses – The Greenhouse Studio to showcase our services. The process of capturing our services and turning it into a showreel, helped us not only demonstrate our services but we were able to articulate our brand as Kahuto.

Through the course of the program, there were a couple of group sessions where us as social entrepreneurs were able to come together and share our experiences of how we individually adapted our businesses during the outbreak of CoVID 19. Grateful for the network of support from those around us who continue to support us and each other through this ever changing environment.

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Kahuto Pacific Showreel