Aerial LiDAR Surveys

Aerial LiDAR Survey

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Kahuto Pacific LiDAR

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Aerial LiDAR Surveys

We scan the earth from the air so you can plan and design with confidence.


Poor Data = Poor Design

In the Pacific Islands there is a lack of quality public available data. Much of the data that is available is old and outdated. Stay on top of your project pipeline. Design with an informed and accurate picture of the real world.


Minimize Risk

Knowledge is safety. Get the full picture of the real-world environment into the hands of your contractors and consultants so they can make more informed decisions.


Save Time

Minimize time spent in the field for surveyors by using our locally based professionals. We’ve partnered with registered surveyors to ensure our ground control surveys are accurate and on time. What would take months for teams using traditional methods, our teams can capture and deliver in days.

LiDAR Mapping Elements

Aerial LiDAR Surveys can be applied across a multitude of uses and industries. Not sure how it they can help you? Get in touch.

Topographic Maps

A DEM (Digital Elevation Model) and Contours allow you to get accurate insight into the ground topography. Our team accurately determine the ground once the lidar data is captured and processed into a pojnt cloud. DEM and contours can then be generated. Contour lines are delivered in the most popular formats so you can import into any CAD or GIS software packages..

Kahuto Pacific Aerial LIDAR Data

Full Mapping Service

Get the full picture, we can deliver and supplement data files into 3D CAD, GIS, as-Builts, maps and aerial imagery.

Powerline Mapping

LiDAR technologies offer an efficient and accurate method to survey transmission lines. Aerial surveys allow energy providers to accurately map their assets and monitor areas of vegetation encroachment.

Kahuto Pacific Asset Inspection - Power Line
Kahuto Pacific Bare Earth Model

Flood Modelling

LiDAR data can acquire high precision and density elevation data of the terrain surface. The high vertical accuracy of LiDAR enables the production of Digital Elevation Models (DEM), Digital Surface Models (DSM) and a Digital Orthophoto map (DOM) with high resolution and precision at a low cost compared with traditional techniques.


Save time and money on your project today

Save time and money on your project today. Prevent risk early by getting the full picture of the environment you want to work in.


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