3D Virtual Tours adapting to the new normal in the Pacific

Visual Solutions

3D Virtual Tours

3D Virtual tours are a product of  adapting to the new norm in society by providing an innovative, cost effective and quick way of viewing homes, tourist attractions and venue spaces in Fiji. The current travel restrictions both domestically and internationally due to the COVID-19 pandemic, has greatly restricted potential buyer’s ability to view and ‘experience’ an environment prior to engaging with the ‘seller’.

the problem

Out-dated visual content equals limited customer engagement

Home buyers wanting to view a home for sale, tourists wanting to check accommodation prior to booking or a potential buyer wanting to view a conference room or facility prior to making that important booking are just some examples of potential sales that are missed by vendors who aren’t showcasing their offering enough to finalize a sale. If people can’t visit, they’re less likely to invest. 

Virtual tours help solve this challenge, giving consumers the ability to visit destinations and get a virtual feel of the environment. Travel restrictions have also impacted the way construction teams conduct site visits and collaborate during crucial phases of construction, from surveyors and architects working together in design phase to building contractors sharing updates of progress during constriction. 

Old 2D drawings and still photographs used by architects and contractors to share design ideas or update project managers with progress reports are limited. Virtual tours can help from the design phase to construction in progress by capturing the real world environment in 3D.

The Solution

3D Virtual Tours

Virtual tours are simulations of existing locations, usually composed of a sequence of still images and  are designed to allow your customers and clients to step inside your business from any device from anywhere in the world.  

Virtual tours have been around for a long time and business owners are starting to realize the importance of having a virtual tour as part of their online offering. Thanks to social media and online review sites, people today have become incredibly visual. This means that having visual content of your business, that represents it to the highest level, has become of vital importance. 

Virtual tours are a great way of engaging your customers online and giving them a real world feel of your environment, giving them the ability to get a much better idea of what you do and what you are able to offer as a business.

360 Virtual Tour Applications

360 Virtual Tours are able to capture and create innovative ways to view a particular space and have you experiencing these benefits.

Birds Eye Benefits

What are you trying to capture? Chances are, it's easier, faster, more effective and most accurate from the sky.

Hit The Mark

Accuracy matters in topography, planimetrics and volumetrics. Our expertise, equipment and partnerships deliver data you can count on.

Time Efficiency

Why waste your precious time wrangling logistics, crews and countries? Our smart solutions get you enhanced results in hours, not weeks.

Better Bottom Line

When you work smart, you increase your profit margin. Timely, cost-effective and detailed data collection means more money in the bank.

Premium Fleet

We're experienced, qualified and safe, delivering quality results on time, on budget and with a Pasifika smile. Which is why our clients return again and again.