Asset Inspections

Asset Inspections

Inspect With More Detail

Kahuto delivers the highest quality data to facilitate digital asset inspections to inform the condition assessment, monitoring and maintenance on critical infrastructure.

Compared to conventional methods aerial asset inspections are faster, safer and more detailed.

Use Cases & Industries

Running visual inspections as part of your maintenance procedures? We can help maintain your asset inspections faster and smarter.

Birds Eye Benefits

What are you trying to capture? Chances are, it's easier, faster, more effective and most accurate from the sky.

Hit The Mark

Accuracy matters in topography, planimetrics and volumetrics. Our expertise, equipment and partnerships deliver data you can count on.

Time Efficiency

Why waste your precious time wrangling logistics, crews and countries? Our smart solutions get you enhanced results in hours, not weeks.

Better Bottom Line

When you work smart, you increase your profit margin. Timely, cost-effective and detailed data collection means more money in the bank.

Premium Fleet

We're experienced, qualified and safe, delivering quality results on time, on budget and with a Pasifika smile. Which is why our clients return again and again.