Setting the standard for Pasifika aerial solutions.

Locally owned, regionally available and internationally certified, Kahuto Pacific are a team of professionals that specialize in the capture and process of spatial and visual data for the Pacific’s leading engineering, surveying and land development consultants.

We utilize cutting edge drone and photogrammetry technologies to deliver the most effective and compelling solutions including survey, inspection and monitoring.

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Our Approach

Founded by Christopher Saili and Jonina Wetzell, Kahuto Pacific provides a range of reality capture services across the Pacific including aerial drone services, survey, inspection, geospatial solutions and CAD outputs. Our solutions-driven approach means we will develop an innovative digital engineering and reality capture service solution that meets your project objectives.

Chris Saili

Christopher Saili

Managing Director

We believe business can be a force for positive change. Fusing profit and purpose, our Pacific Impact Program champions social and environmental initiatives.

Our Commitment

We give back to local communities through its Pacific Impact initiative, offering its services for free to organisations and traditional landowners that could benefit from its services across application in conservation, climate change adaptation, land development agriculture and more. With a focus on developing local teams to deliver local solutions, Kahuto Pacific has acquired partnerships with professional consultants locally and internationally.

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