Drone Services

Drones offer unique aerial prospective that are helping teams make informed decisions

Drone Services

Showcase, document, survey, inspect land or developments faster then ever before. Drones are providing engineers, architects, surveyors, town planners, environment consultants, real estate agents and many more professionals with unique aerial insights that help drive more informed decision making.

Our photogrammetry reality capture technologies deliver the highest quality data to facilitate digital inspection to inform the condition assessment, monitoring and maintenance on critical infrastructure in the Pacific Islands. Let our team of locally based professionals capture the visual information that is critical to your project


Aerial Photography & Videography

Our aerial photography and videography services are assisting teams working across a wide range of sectors. Not sure how it they can help you? Get in touch.

Save time and money on your project today

Save time and money on your project today. Prevent risk early by getting the full picture of the environment you want to work in.