Vunivau Settlement

Case Study

500 acre aerial survey of Vunivau Settlement, fast-tracking scheme planning and saving the client 5 weeks.


Wood and Jepsen Consultants requested an aerial survey of Vunivau, a 500 acre settlement in Labasa, Fiji. Client requested a topographic survey and an orthomap to help with their scheme planning. Using traditional methods the project would have taken 2-3 months however the client needed a more time efficient solution.


Prior to carrying out the drone survey a ground control survey was conducted using a highly accurate GPS/GNSS base and rover. A total of 16 ground control points (GCP) were captured with 4 check points to reference back for accuracy. The drone survey was then carried out with a Sensefly Ebee. 4 flights produced 860 photos which were then taken back to the office for processing. Kahuto technicians processed the 860 photos through Pix4D to produce the orthomap, contours and digital terrain model.


From field to finish the project took just 3 weeks saving Wood & Jepsen significant time, cost savings and delivered a greater more detailed survey for scheme planning purposes. Traditional survey methods would not have been able to capture the detail the drone survey was able to deliver.