Labasa Traffic Survey

Case Study

Drones deliver an improved traffic impact assessment for Labasa's CBD.


Traditional traffic survey methods proved challenging during a traffic impact assessment for Labasa's central business district, the intricacies of capturing multiple queue lengths. The client requested a drone survey using videography capture queue lengths across multiple entry points into the bustling town.


To capture the requested street entry points and queue lengths, Kahuto Pacific used multiple drone pilots to execute the traffic survey. With 90 minute videos required for a particular entry point into the main street, our team used multiple drones to carry out the survey.


Traditional traffic survey methods utilize tally counts and boots on the ground positioned in pre-designated areas to capture data.

The client wanted a more centralized and detailed method and requested a drone survey method. Our drone solution provided a wider, more detailed perspective. In particular, video results proved very beneficial as the drone video was able to clearly show the queue lengths and vehicle type. Drones were flown at 200 meters to enable a wide perspective capturing multiple street entry points in the main township.